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With the hypoxbreath® you get the new generation of high altitude air training.

Made in Germany - Highest quality standards - Leading technology - Organic Hacking - App control - Made in Germany - Highest quality standards - Leading technology - Organic Hacking - App control -

  Made in Germany - Highest quality standards - Leading technology - Organic Hacking - App control -

Enjoy the benefits of IHHT altitude training

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hypoxbreath® is the latest IHHT training system from one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

The intelligent BIO feedback system of the hypoxbreath® relies exclusively on tried and tested control algorithms that have already been proven in its own clinical tests and studies.

In addition, independent, double-redundant fail-safes guarantee maximum operational reliability for your customer. In this way, oxygen saturation and O2 concentration in the breathing air always remain within the preset range.

Made in Germany

We maintain the highest production standards. Thus, among other things, the manufacturer guarantees a high product quality of our I-H-T devices through the clean room production of the components installed with the utmost care.

Leading technology

Use predefined training programs or create individual training protocols for your client and patient. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the application specifically to your client's needs and to take new account of physical progress during each training session.

The I-H-H-T device hypoxbreath® - the best quality at the best price

App control

The hypoxbreath can be easily controlled via the included tablet. Create a new user, make individual program adjustments or perform training evaluations - the intuitive APP control frees up your time, which you can reinvest in first-class customer care. You do not need an additional computer and can go through the I-H-H-T with your customers / patients directly on the tablet.

Highest quality standards

The quality management system of our manufacturer is successfully recertified annually. The company has consistently met the strict requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard and the ISO 13485:2016 standard for medical devices since 2003. The hypoxbreath is approved according to the new MDR directive and its requirements acc. EU 2017/745 manufactured.

How IHHT High Altitude Training Works

Intermittent hypoxic hypoxia training (IHHT) is an approach to altitude training that provides controlled, intermittent episodes of hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) followed by recovery periods when oxygen delivery returns to normal. In this way, users can take advantage of the many positive effects of altitude training without having to travel to and spend time at higher altitudes.

Change of the oxygen content

At individually defined intervals (minutes), air with less oxygen (hypoxia) and air with more oxygen (hyperoxia) is alternated evenly.

Training adapted to the user

To enable safe use, the training session with hypoxbreath is adapted to the client.

Intelligent BIO Feedback System

An intelligent BIO feedback system uses proven rule algorithms from many years of clinical tests and studies.

IHHT at a glance

How interval hypoxia- Hyperoxia training (short: I-H-H-T) supports the body.

I-H-H-T addresses the root cause. There, where the energy is created: in the energy power plants of the cells – the mitochondria.

Interval hypoxia-hyperoxia training brings everything that makes a successful application method: it is simple, safe and at the same time space-saving. hypoxbreath is one of the leading I-H-H-T systems. The application with hypoxbreath® takes place in a lying rest position.

The new generation of IHHT training

Where is IHHT technology used?


IHHT stands for interval/intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy. Training according to the IHHT method belongs to oxygen therapies and is a form of simulated altitude training.

At the beginning, short tests are made to determine which dosage is the right one. In the second step, the oxygen content in the blood and the pulse are determined using a pulse oximeter. The last step is to put on a breathing mask. The application is performed comfortably while lying down. You breathe in the different oxygen concentrations in a relaxed manner. Another accompanying measurement of heart rate variability indicates how well the body can compensate for the training and relieve stress.

Since each person and his or her physical conditions must be considered individually, precise coordination with your practitioner is necessary.

Statutory health insurance companies do not yet pay for IHHT therapy. Private health insurance usually covers the costs of therapy. If you are unsure about the coverage of costs, please clarify this with your health insurance.

Other factors such as diet, supplements and exercise are important, as is regular respiratory training.

Ideally, you should integrate regular IHHT training into your daily routine to reap the benefits permanently.

Training sessions for self-payers about 50 to 70 €.

Therapy sessions with doctors or alternative practitioners about 70 to 100 €.

Doctors, alternative practitioners, personal trainers, health studios, physiotherapists and various cosmetic studios.

There may be a mild headache at the beginning, which often disappears a day after treatment. This side effect is especially evident during intense workouts. Mild fatigue or exhaustion is also possible.

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